Integrated Software Products to Manage Credit Exposure Risk

Financial Analytics offers two integrated products to manage credit exposure risk of the banking book: PortfolioView™ and RiskWarehouse™ together form an integrated system for monitoring and managing credit exposure risk.

Our products can standalone or complement existing decision support systems to enhance the risk management capability of the institution.


This portfolio risk management system is our flagship product. PortfolioView™ can assist the institution in: comprehensively managing exposure risk to enhance profitability, growth, and shareholder value using economic risk capital to enhance competitive advantage through risk-based pricing contemporaneously monitoring the changing risk profile of the entire portfolio stress testing the entire portfolio or any segment monitoring potential concentration risk and optimally diversifying the portfolio meeting regulatory and investor requirements promptly and with confidence.


Our RiskWarehouse™ is a turnkey system that includes an optimized database server specifically designed for complex risk analysis and ad hoc reporting.

While transaction systems are vast repositories of data, effective risk management requires additional specific data from other internal data sources. RiskWarehouse™ integrates all these silos of data into a single database server.

Learn more about PortfolioViewor RiskWarehouse™.

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